Welcome to Collective Foole!

"Resistance is foolish.  Your biological distinctiveness and trivia knowledge will be added to our own."

Welcome to Collective Foole's Trivia Team website.  We're a team that participates in the "World's Largest Trivia Contest" held each April in Stevens Point, WI.

Mission Statement:

To use creativity, technology, experience, hard work and determination to WIN the World's Largest Trivia Contest. 

Why do we call ourselves Collective Foole?  Well, we think the Borg from Star Trek are pretty darn cool.  They assimilate knowledge just like us.  They use it for dominating the galaxy, we're happy just to conquer trivia contests.  But seriously though, here's how we define a collective:

A collective is a group of people who share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together on a specific project(s) to achieve a common objective.

We also like to have fun, and that's where the Foole part comes in.  A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (uh oh, a Star Wars reference!) there was really cool, funny comedy album put out by a man named George Carlin.  A bunch of the people on our team thought it was pretty funny and decided to use it in a trivia team name.  And as they say, the rest is history... 

We're super excited and already getting ready for Trivia 42 (April 8th-10th, 2011), it starts in exactly

Our team name for the upcoming 2011 contest will be:

Collective Foole

Feel free to look around, and make sure you come back as these pages will be updated very often.


  • 11-24-2010: Team name change due to the merger of two wonderfully awesome groups of trivia fanatics.  Our first collaboration led to a 1st place finish at the Trivia Unplugged contest.  We had so much fun there we decided to make it official!  CNOF/Norm's Foole and The Collective are now merged and looking to kick some butt come April...
  • 10-10-2008: Updates to the home page, team history, who knows what else, check it out.  ;-)
  • 11-25-2007: Been a really long time since this website has been updated...too long!  made some changes to the history page and a few other spots.  Looking to update plenty more pages in the very near future.  We're back baby!
  • 11-3-2006: Added/updated the team scores for ALL trivia teams from 2000 through 2006.  Very purty formatting, enjoy.
  • 2-17-2006: We choose what our team name will be this year...The Collective: King Cube.  We should have lots of fun with this theme. Lots of ideas for the shirts and float!
  • 8-9-2005: I posted a couple of articles that members of the Collective were featured in for this year's contest.  Check out the media section to see them.
  • 7-24-2005: We finally got around to putting up all our pictures from Trivia 2005.  This includes pictures of registration, the parade, and tons of pictures from the contest.  Hope you enjoy them.  Here they are!  Also, we have finally gotten around to posting up pictures all most of our team members here. Soon to come will be bios on everyone...
  • 7-18-2005: We had our first ever summer picnic this year at Iverson Park.  Bocce Ball, Polish Horseshoes and so much more!  Check out the pictures here.
  • 4-12-2005: Wow, what a great time we had in this year's trivia contest.  The merger between COJ and us went better than expected and we emerged from this contest with the best finish that either of our teams has ever had!  Lots of pictures and comments will be posted soon.  We've been super busy!
  • 3-6-2005: The trivia movie has been announced!  Its... Martin & Orloff.  In other news...The Collective and Circle of Jerks have joined forces to further our conquest of the trivia universe.  COJ brings years of experience to The Collective and we look forward to playing trivia with them.  They are as passionate about trivia as we are, so its the perfect union.  Resistance is futile!!!


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