Welcome to Trivia Collective!

By 02 May 2022

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Welcome to the Trivia Collective - we are a trivia team based in Canada! Our story started back in 2008 on a rainy Wednesday evening at a pub quiz - a pub quiz that changed everything… Back then our tiny team of 3 players came in to swoop the grand prize and that was it for us - we knew we were obsessed with trivia games! Since then, we take any opportunity to practice our trivia knowledge. We have taken part in quizzes, trivia board games, and even online gambling and continue to make trivia our hobby to this day.

Our Mission

To use creativity, technology, hard work and determination to WIN The World’s Largest Trivia Contest held in Steven’s Point, Ontario. We are always looking to expand our team and add more valuable players!

About The World's Largest Trivia Contest

Trivia can mean a thousand different things - after all, it covers a vast range of topics from sports to astronomy. But some things always stay the same - the contest lasts for 54 hours, and the teams are given over 400 questions to answer. Apart from all the ordinary questions being read out to the players, the contexts also include:

  • 2 Running Questions
  • 3 Music Questions (8 Songs in Each)
  • The Trivia StoneScavenger Hunt

Team Rules

Trivia contests can be the most exciting thing in the world, but in order for them to not turn into total chaos, there are some rules we have enforced to maintain the happiness of all team members. Before you decide to join us, take a look at our house rules:

  1. We prohibit the use of alcoholic beverages during big contests like The World's Largest Trivia Contest to ensure smooth running and participation in the competition.
  2. Bear in mind you have to be either over 18 or 19 (depending on the type of territory and activity) if you would like to partake in any of the scheduled gambling events.
  3. Don't try to be a hero! Our team is large enough to split in two for participation in The World's Largest Trivia Contest. Make sure you get your rest and have breaks whenever possible.
  4. Verbal and physical abuse are entirely prohibited and lead to immediate termination. If you have experienced any issues with other players, make sure to contact our Team Coordinator Alice to notify a complaint.
  5. You don't need to pass a test to enter our team, but you should be aware we do intense preparation for The World's Largest Trivia Contest by practicing in weekly trivia quizzes. Make sure you have enough free time over the weekend for our gatherings!
  6. You need to be at least 18 years old to enter our team.

Our Real Money Online Casino Gambling Events

When not doing a live trivia contest, the collective also on occasion gets together for online trivia games or poker games at real money online casinos. See it as “remote” game night where those who participate can play together for real money prizes at a pre-selected Canadian online casino. Read more about real money online casinos Canada.


How often does the Trivia Collective meet up and when?

The Trivia Collective meets up once a week at different locations to practice their skills at pub quizzes, board game challenges, or gambling. We also do Meet ‘n Greets once every two months to welcome new players, get to know each other, and crack on with a friendly trivia game. You can find more information about the exact time and location of these meetings on our discord server.

Can you get banned from the Trivia Collective?

Yes, if you violate one of the community guidelines you can be permanently banned from our team.

How does the Trivia Collective prepare for competitions?

The Trivia Collective uses local pub trivia quizzes and challenges within Steven’s Point Area to keep the gears grinding. We also submit daily trivia questions on our discord server for everyone to take a guess at. Nearing The World’s Largest Trivia Contest we focus on speed exercises, and try to practice the format given at the competition in place of the pub quizzes we partake in. We also have #MusicMondays where our question of the day is replaced by a song question.

Does the Trivia Collective keep track of their results?

Yes, we have a record of all our scores and points from previous competitions. We also announce our weekly results at our #Keepin’Score discord channel.

Is there a hierarchy within the Trivia Collective?

No, there isn’t a strict hierarchy. Lots of people volunteer for different roles within our team. We do have some veteran players who like to take on more responsibility than others, such as Alice, our Team Coordinator, and Tim who keeps track of the scores. in recent years we have had people volunteer for the role of Photographer and Server Admin. We try to keep things pretty loose and let people come to us if they want to help out.

Does it cost anything to join the team?

No, joining the team is absolutely free! All you need is an enthusiasm for playing and the time to make it to our team events! There are some instances where we pitch in some money to buy snacks (and a much-needed coffee for the big events). For those interested, we also have our own Trivia Collective T-Shirt we like to wear at bigger events, but that is in no way mandatory.

How can I join the team of Trivia Collective?

So you’ve heard all about The Collective and now you want to join?

All you need to do is contact Alice Bilbrey, her contact information follows below:

Alice Bilbrey

Phone: (715) 343-0499

Email address: Click here to send us an email

We’re always looking for new members to assimilate into The Collective. If you think you are interested in joining The Collective, please feel free to contact us via email or phone!